Geotechnical studies

Our team has implemented a wide range of studies and projects in the field of geotechnics.

In order to develop quality documents, ECO GEODRUM pays special attention to the investigation of the foundation ground: from the quality of the analyses and tests performed to determine the physical and mechanical properties of the soil to the determination of the groundwater level and its seismic behavior.

For the execution of geotechnical studies, we use:

  • High-performance equipment that can drill with a diameter of 152 mm and an average depth of 100 m;
  • Drilling is performed in continuous logging with SPT drilling testing and the ability to take disturbed or undisturbed samples using samplers such as: Shelby, Dennison, Mazier, Liner;
  • Geophysical measuring devices;
  • Equipment for performing DPH, DPSH, CPT, CPTu, ERI type tests;
  • Inclinometric measuring devices;
  • Automatic piezometric measuring devices (DIVER);
  • Qualified team with decades of experience.