About us

A trustworthy, innovative and dedicated company, ECO GEODRUM offers you various services, from environmental studies, geotechnics, to structural engineering and well permitting activities.

ECO GEODRUM is a private company founded in 2016, which holds 100% Romanian capital. Since its establishment, it has distinguished itself throughout professionalism, quality and performance in the services it provides, namely structural engineering, geotechnical investigations, field investigation and elaboration of documentation, environmental studies, environmental protection, decontamination of large infrastructure projects and natural resources exploration and exploitation.

With the intention of excelling, ECO GEODRUM not only provided its costumers with solutions, but it constantly offered impressive results while carrying out its activities, the company managing to grow significantly each year ever since its founding.

This growth, which even in the current, difficult, international context caused by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will confidently remain at the same level forecasted in our business plan. We are mentioning, more precisely, about a 25% increase in turnover and maintaining the current profit.



ECO GEODRUM is a constantly expanding company, succeeding through the implemented business strategies to become, in a short period of time, a serious competitor on the market in which it operates. This is reflected in the evolution of the company’s turnover in the period of 2016-2020.

* The displayed financial data is presented in RON, the national currency of Romania.

What defines us

Our team consists of over 100 employees with considerable experience in our activating fields, with both our employees and dedicated partners having active projects throughout the entire country’s territory.


ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 45001

Our equipment

In order to achieve impeccable, efficient, but also optimal services, we have one of the most advanced geoelectric measurement execution equipment in the country (with investigation up to 200 m depth), sorting stations (crushed stone/ballast, earth) and transport cars for the teams that carry out their activity in the field, but also geotechnical and environmental drilling equipment. We also conduct seismic prospecting investigations in the field of natural resources.